Choose friends wisely

I wrote you in my previous letter not to associate closely and habitually with unchaste and impure people.

1 Corinthians 5:9

The people you spend time with will influence you extremely. They will have an influence on your spiritual life. Fellowshiping with godly people will drag you closer to the heart of God and will speed you on to glory, while fellowshiping with those who don´t know God will drag you further away and down to defeat!

What does the Bible say?

  • You need to separate yourself from the world. Because evil company will harm you.
  • Now you might say: But the Bible says as well that we should go out to the people who don´t know Jesus and bring them the gospel. And YES you are totally right! We have this mission to go to everyone, also the evil people, and bring the good news. BUT, I am saying that when it´s about becoming friends, then you need to choose your friends very wisely.

If you want to walk in the things of the Lord, don´t choose friends who walk in the things of the devil. Don´t spend time with people who walk and talk and act ungodly, who don´t give God any place in their lives, because the will pull you down.

The more time you spend with those people, the more you get to know their ungodly behavior, you will be familiar with it and sooner or later you will fall into the temptations.

So.. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY and fellowship with those who call on the Name of the Lord. And let their faith rub off on you!

Credits to this awesome daily prayer book:” From FAITH TO FAITH” by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. It is incredibly motivating and and helpful to keep up the life in abundance.

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