Live by the Word

Man shall not live by the bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God

Matthew 4:4

The word of God is to your spirit as bread to your body!

If you eat food you nourish your body and you give it strength and power. The same happens if you nourish your spirit with the word of God, you strengthen and empower it and you receive faith.

And just as you can´t eat one meal and live from it for several weeks, you can´t read in the Bible and live with it for several weeks. You need to keep it up on a regular basis. Even if you have read the Bible hundreds of times, you still have to read it again and again.

If you can only remember what the word says, it´s still not nourishing your spirit, you must continually feed on what it says. Get the Bible out and read it. Go to the church and listen to the sermon.

Maybe you know this situation: You´ve read a particular verse hundreds of times and you´ve never really understood it or it never spoke to you, but then you read it again and suddenly the Holy Spirit starts to speak to you and somehow it encourages you and touches your heart in your situation on this day. It´s a completely new revelation from that old familiar verse.

Remember this: You can´t get continued results if you don´t spend time in prayer and in the word of God allowing the Spirit to nourish you daily!

Don´t try to remember the verses you already know or the last spiritual meal. Feast on the word of God today! It will give you strength, motivation and a new revelation every day.

I actually know a preacher who is a great role model for me. He told us that he started to pray continually and the whole day long every 15 MINUTES!

After several days and weeks, he could notice huge differences in his life. He was not only including God in every moment of his life, into his decisions and choices, he also heard God´s voice clearer and stronger. It was because he was searching HIM. And God says in the Bibel, that everyone who searches him and approaches him, WILL FIND HIM!

I asked the preacher how he could manage to not forget to pray every 15 minutes and he advised me to get a small timer which vibrates in a certain interval (which you can set), which will remind me throughout the day to keep the prayer life going.

If you are interested in buying this kind of timer, I can definitely recommend you to get this one from Amazon. Click here: (by the way you could also use it to do sports. So it´s worth the pain getting it 😀 )

Credits to this awesome daily prayer book:” From FAITH TO FAITH” by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. It is incredibly motivating and and helpful to keep up the life in abundance.

If you are interested to buy it, here are links to buy it on Amazon.

Click here: for the kindle version:

From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to Victory (English Edition) von [Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland]

Click here for the book with high quality leather binding:

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