Delight Yourself

Blessed is the man that fears the Lord, that delights greatly in his commandments. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.

Psalm 112:1,7

A man who delights himself with the Word of God will make it through rough and disastrous times without losing hope.

Such a man has a mind full of God´s Word and will not fall, because he knows what the scripture says.

But sometimes it is difficult to stick to that habit and we find ourselves in the middle of a disaster without knowing how to get out of it and then we start to dig in the Bible, to pray and ask for help. And too often we notice that we started to late.

We can compare it to a person, who wants to win a fight against a Boxer. Shortly before the fight this person starts to train, lift weights and build strength. But can you build muscles in such a short period of time? No, it does not work like that.

And it is exactly the same in our lives. We need to train ourselves every day with reading the Bible, praying and reaching out to God, in order to gain strength until the day we need to fight. Then we will be ready and prepared.

Since we know that we have to fight in this world – and I am not talking about a physical fight – then it would be quite stupid to just sit around and not preparing at all.

We need to change our mindsets to that point that we understand why it is so necessary to train and build a relationship with God.

Then we will be ready before the Devil breaks into our lives.

Turn off all the distractions in the world and turn on the Word of God.

Credits to this awesome daily prayer book: “From FAITH TO FAITH” by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. It is incredibly motivating and helpful to keep up the life in abundance.

If you are interested to buy it, here are links to buy it on Amazon.

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From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to Victory (English Edition) von [Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland]

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3 thoughts on “Delight Yourself

  1. Um so mehr wir mit Gott unterwegs sind u in seinem Willen sind, umso mehr kommt der Feind mit Versuchungen (er setzt da an wo wir Mangel haben) u will uns aushebeln…..

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