The Power of the tongue

“A fool´s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.”

Proverbs 18:7

As Christians we do know that we should always talk in a godly way, but what does that really mean? And is it always that simple?

Sometimes we begin to talk in a worldy way, instead of talking the Word of God , just because everyone around us is talking that way. And sometimes we are receiving exactly what we said – chaos.

The Bible says that we will receive the product of what our lips say.

If you want to change things in your life, you first need to change the way you speak. Because words we speak are truely powerful!

To had your life in a different direction, from chaos to freedom – you must take charge of your words.

I know that it´s not always easy, especially if you are used to speak in a certain way. But let me tell you that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!

It takes God´s wisdom to change the way you speak, as well as his strength for you.

Where can I find God´s wisdom? – The key is the Bible. It is a detailed instruction of how you should live your life and how to speak in a godly way.

Sometimes it is also necessary that we repent before God for saying stupid or evil things. And pray to God that he should lead your tongue and fill your words with love, peace, joy, grace and faith.

Replace all of your negative words with worship and praise. And ask God to remind you to pay attention to your words, so you won´t forget it.

Stop using your tongue to create chaos and start using it to make miracles!

Credits to this awesome daily prayer book: “From FAITH TO FAITH” by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. It is incredibly motivating and helpful to keep up the life in abundance.

If you are interested in buying it, here are links to buy it on Amazon.

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From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to Victory (English Edition) von [Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland]

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