Throw your sorrows over board

In these days many people sorrow about their future, their health, their money and so on.

But is there the need that we as christians sorrow about tomorrow?

The bible says multiple times that we shall not be afraid, that we shall trust the Lord with all our heart and with all that is within us.

If the part in the church starts where it´s about tithing, many christians are not very excited, they might even be very stingy. But why? They think that they can´t afford spending money, because they will need it for other important things.

But they don´t understand that GOD is our saviour and that HE will supply us with everything we need! HE will give us everything and we do not need to worry about anything!

The Bible says that even the birds have enough food to eat, that God provides for them, although the birds never have accomplished anything for the kingdom of God. How much more will God provide everything for YOU – for his child?

Don´t ever worry about tomorrow, because God will stand right next to you. Even though you might not be feeling his presence all the time, he is there with you – doesn´t matter where you are going – HE is with you.

Whenever sorrow or fear comes in to your mind, whenever you feel anxious about something, throw it over board. Throw it out of your life. Tell the problem that your God is bigger than all these problems and that HE will solve everything for you!

Trust God. Read in the Bibel to feed your spririt with his powerful and encouraging words. Believe me, God knows everything that happens in your life and he will not let you down. Keep standing close at his side and ask for his provision.

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