The touch of God´s hand

I don´t know in what situation you are in, but have you ever experienced the touch of God´s hand in your life? Or would you even recognise it as God? Or would you maybe not even know that this something happened because of HIM?

A few days ago, a friend told me that God has never spoken to her and that she doesn´t feel anything of God in her life. I told her that God has so many different ways to speak to us and it could be that you feel God while reading the Bible or that another person says something what let you feel HIM or what gives you a revelation.

Only one or two days later she told me that she encountered God in an everyday situation and that she could feel that God loves her so much, which encouraged her incredibly.

In small situations God works inside of us. We just need to be attentative and identify it correctly.

Moments when you have almost missed the bus, but somehow you reached it before leaving. Or when you are somewhere talking randomly to strangers and you are having a nice talk. For me this is the touch of God in your life. He is blessing you with good encounters and nice little moments.

It´s not always that huge boom when God is with you. He is with you in every situation, also in this small ones.

Let us try to acknowledge those moments and give thanks to God that he is with us wherever we go!

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