Throw your sorrows over board

In these days many people sorrow about their future, their health, their money and so on. But is there the need that we as christians sorrow about tomorrow? The bible says multiple times that we shall not be afraid, that we shall trust the Lord with all our heart and with all that is withinContinue reading “Throw your sorrows over board”

The Power of the tongue

“A fool´s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.” Proverbs 18:7 As Christians we do know that we should always talk in a godly way, but what does that really mean? And is it always that simple? Sometimes we begin to talk in a worldy way, instead of talkingContinue reading “The Power of the tongue”

Give God the Glory – Bear fruit!

My Father is glorified, when you bear much fruit; so shall you all be my disciples. John 15:8 What do you think, when will God be glorified? When we suffer, when we survive the attacks of Satan, when we are sick? I think some Christians have that old and traditional thinking that God wants usContinue reading “Give God the Glory – Bear fruit!”